You CAN Claim
ALL the Disaster Tax Relief
the IRS allows US taxpayers

BUT…. You Must Know Exactly What to do RIGHT NOW


  • To Prepare and Claim All the Disaster Tax Relief Benefits the IRS Allows U.S. taxpayers 

  • To Prepare For a Possible Future Disaster


It’s amazing how generous the

Internal Revenue Code is to Disaster Victims!

Even if -- particularly if -- you receive an insurance payment!


The IRS? Generous?

Oh, yes …..would you believe that…..


§         You could get a Refund of Prior Years' income taxes?

§         You could postpone -- for up to 20 years -- you income tax liabilities?

§         You could postpone all taxes on gains from insurance payments?


And all YOU have to do is


  • Prepare the documentation for a successful claim and
  • Make the right choices!


No experience required!


You don't want to have anything to do with tax returns?

That's OK….you don't have to. But whoever prepares your tax return needs the information only YOU can provide.


You're afraid of an IRS audit if you do anything different?

That's OK …the likelihood of your being audited if you claim and prove an allowable tax benefit is tiny!  You will know exactly how to provide documented proof and what information must be submitted with a claim.


You have received your insurance reimbursement?

That's excellent. I hope it will cover all your expenses. I hope it was for as much as possible…..but do you know that

  • Even with the insurance reimbursement you probably qualify for a tax refund? That's extra money in your pocket!
  • Some (or all) of your insurance payments may be taxable? But the IRS gives you choices for postponing (or eliminating) the tax on these gains.
  • Both your disaster loss and your insurance reimbursement have to be accounted for if you ever sell your house?



The Home Owner’s Guide to Disaster Tax Relief shows you clearly, and exactly, how to prepare for the benefits the IRS allows. Then it shows you how to take advantage of these benefits. Absolutely everything is in this easy to follow, step-by-step Guide  --- from taking an inventory of your properties, to preparing a complete record of your losses, to calculating your losses or gains.


§         You will know exactly what you must prove so there is no wasted time figuring out what you need.

§         You don't have to consult a tax expert before you start preparing …so there is no wasted money (but you will need one later on …and we can help you with that too).

§         You can start even before you know exactly what all your losses are so that you can complete your claim more quickly.



Only YOU know all your Properties


If you are preparing for a future disaster, only YOU have all the information necessary for an accurate inventory of everything you own.

  • If you have home owner's insurance….you have started preparing for a disaster.
  • If you don't have home owner's insurance (or can't obtain any), so much more reason to prepare for as much help as the IRS can give.


If you are a disaster victim, Only YOU know what your losses are.

You know about everything that could be or has been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. Stuff nobody else knows as well as you.

Now you just need to know...


  • How to find out if YOUR disaster is allowed
  • How to pull together your property loss information
  • How to organize it
  • How to present it to the IRS

In other words, how to prepare for your disaster tax relief!


It's all here. So, to answer the question that so many people ask...


Yes, you will know exactly what to do

to obtain your

disaster tax relief

and benefit from the IRS's generosity!


My name is Anne-Marie. I have helped many friends since I "discovered" the benefits of the IRS disaster tax relief. There were lots of hurricane damage claims after Hugo in 1979.

Later, in 1997 the damages from a re-awakened volcano gave me a lot more experience. Eventually in 2002, I helped a friend with a $1.5 million loss. And each time I helped someone, I learned something new.

Several of my neighbors were skeptical. They didn’t believe that the IRS provides disaster tax relief to individuals, that it is possible to get a tax refund, or that we can postpone capital gains from insurance reimbursements.


“That’s not the way the Government works. They never give money back!”


Are these skeptics ever wrong!


And they lost out …because they wouldn’t even try!


For someone who is willing to give it a go, consider this example... taken from the experience of another "average" person...

A neighbor lost her home when the volcano in Montserrat came back to life. The house was located on the east side of the island, at the foot of the volcano, in a declared evacuation zone, covered with ash, nearly invisible. (Both the volcano and the evacuation zone are still in effect today!) She had a total loss and was very poorly insured.

It took quite a bit of convincing, but she finally submitted a claim for disaster tax relief in her tax return. She was amazed when a few months later she received a refund for 3 years' worth of Federal tax paid …and she still had enough of a loss to eliminate taxes for several years to come.


Recently, with the increasing number of disasters in the U.S.A., a friend (who has benefited from my advice) suggested that I write a book and help other disaster victims claim all the benefits the Internal Revenue Code allows U.S. taxpayers.


So I did a lot more research, wrote this book, fine-tuned it, had it reviewed and now I am ready to go public with my Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief and enable many other "ordinary" people to do exactly what I did.

If you want to know how I came to being an advocate for disaster tax relief? Just click here.



Download immediately


Let me emphasize that with the

Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief

You DO NOT have to fill out tax forms.

But, if you wanted to ….you could.

The Guide is your entry point to a true disaster tax relief package. The entire book supports you with a step-by-step, blueprint approach to preparing for your tax benefits and finding out about all the choices you have.

The IRS even allows you to change your mind if you don't like the choice you made!

And, because I can't be with you while you use this book, I asked a good friend to help out and show you the way.


Adele Jones and her family had a terrible year with one disaster after another!

But, Adele is adamant about getting as much disaster tax relief as the IRS allows. She guides you through the book with 5 different examples and explains exactly what she does -- step-by-step. Just follow her lead!

You have questions...
... we have the answers?

How do you pull your information together?... How do you organize and document it?... How do you submit it?... Will it be accepted?... How much of the tax preparation work should you do yourself?… When should you use tax advisors and other necessary consultants?… How do you select your consultants?

The answers are what make the difference between your general tax guide and my book. I am determined to help you prepare a well documented tax return that brings you all the benefits the IRS allows. If I could make that leap...

... you
can do it, too!

That's why this book is so special...

Remember, I started out just like you.

You have one huge advantage … you have my book!!

My book is based on

15 years of research and experience.

In my Home Owner’s Guide to Disaster Tax Relief, you will instantly benefit by having knowledge that took me years to acquire.

The Guide is easy to read, written in a person-to-person style, very far from the obtuse language of IRS Publications. It is easy for the "average" person to follow ….

….and prepare all the required documentation.

A complete recipe,

No cooking experience required.

With Home Owner’s Guide to Disaster Tax Relief I have pulled it all together into one comprehensive package that walks you through the entire process of preparing, proving, and submitting your claim.

I show how to...


  • Prepare for a future disaster
  • Identify the experts you need to provide unquestionable proof to the IRS
  • Identify the disasters and losses you can use,
  • Find all the information you need to prove your loss -- item by item, and
  • Prepare the documentation the IRS will accept.

And then -- whether you have a loss or a gain…


  • Know the choices that are available to you,
  • Discuss with your tax expert all these choices, and
  • Make the choices that provide the best tax benefits to you.


What's more, this is the stuff that works -- but I'll also help you avoid the mistakes, so you won't have to go through all the money-sucking experiences with tax software and unhelpful advisors and consultants.


Download immediately



Home Owner's Guide to

Disaster Tax Relief

the only book of its kind!


While the general tax guides might devote 12 pages to explaining how to prove and calculate your disaster loss, this book -- all 170 pages of it -- is devoted to helping

·     disaster victims -- like YOU

·     all U.S. taxpayers be better prepared for a future disaster.


All you have to do is read it. And follow it. Step-by-step. If you do, I guarantee you will be able to Prepare and Take Advantage of All the Benefits the IRS Allows.


Let's look at a few excerpts
from the table of contents

§         What kind of losses can you claim?

A whole list of the losses the IRS allows (or NOT) and the special situations like the Presidentially declared disaster areas and the New York Liberty Zone.

It's not too late! Did you know that you can still claim prior years' losses?


§         How do you prove your losses?

What you must have to document your loss. Ready to use worksheets help you start an inventory of your losses. You will know how to claim multiple disasters, multiple properties, and multiple owners.

Your claim will be so well documented that you won't have to worry about an audit. And this is where preparation really pays off.


§         Can you prove the dollar value of your loss?

How can you prove the cost of your lost or damaged properties? Which experts  should you consult to get the fair market value of your properties?


§         What reimbursements do you have to declare?

Not all reimbursements or reconstruction funds are treated the same way under the Internal Revenue Code. Do you know which ones you don't need to declare?


§         Do you know the many ways you can postpone your gains?

Yes…there is such a thing as a disaster gain. And if you are not careful…and don't know what to do…you will be paying income tax on these gains right now. (This chapter alone can save you thousands of dollars!)


§         Do you know all the choices the IRS allows?

Not only do you have choices, you don't have to decide right now, when you are under so much stress. You don't have to worry about making irreversible decisions right away…because the IRS allows you to change your mind! Legally…as long as you notify them. MAKE THE DECISIONS, NOTIFY THE IRS…OR YOU MAY PAY ADDITIONAL TAXES!


§         Which IRS forms do you need to use?

The 4 forms you must know about even if you use a tax software or a tax expert. These tax forms work together. You will know how to use these forms and you will not be completely dependent on an outside expert to understand how you can get the most benefits from the different tax forms.


§         When should you use a tax expert or another consultant?

After you have your loss (or gain) information, I suggest you review the choices in the Guide and discuss your best options with a reliable tax expert. There is a list of potential consultants that can help you with all aspects of your preparation and your disaster loss on this web site.



Want to see more? Glad to hear it! For the entire Table of Contents, click here.


Incidentally, there's something even this Table of Contents doesn't fully show. And that's the 17 Money-Saving Tax Tips that are sprinkled throughout the book. For example: If you use a tax software … I will show you how to avoid a trap that WILL COST YOU!



Download immediately


Everything is here.
Read it...

Follow the examples…
and do it.

From Day One, the Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief puts you light years ahead of my own starting point. And, if my friends and I were able to prepare and organize successful tax relief documentation, I know you can.

I know there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who can use Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief successfully.


With Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief you have the know-how, and you have the tools.

There's more!

In addition to my book, you receive …..


….an essential packet of NOTICES TO THE IRS.

While the IRS gives you a large number of choices, it likes to be kept informed. You will want to use several of these notices as you file your tax return for this year, for past years…and -- if applicable -- for the years to come.


If you consult a tax expert, make sure that the proper notices are included with your tax return(s).


…tax Forms and Publications You Can Consult

The same ones I used to compile this book. Just in case you want to double check on something.


…automatic enrollment in our unique Disaster Tax Relief e-zine.

You'll get more advice, latest news from the IRS, recommendations from tax pros. If you don't want it you can unsubscribe ….at any time.


That's it! No matter what you need to prepare for or complete a successful disaster tax claim, you will find everything right here.


Order this one-of-a-kind ebook now...
Make up your mind anytime!

If you ever decide you don't like it,
just ask for your money back.

If the Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief and the rest of the Disaster Package isn't everything that you expect, ask for your money back. I am only allowed to give you a 90 day iron-clad guarantee….but 


…if you are not satisfied at any time, just let me know. No reason needed. No questions asked.

How do you know you'll get the refund?

I believe in the Home Owner's
Guide to Disaster Tax Relief. I'm only happy if you can benefit from it. So my guarantee to you has ….

  • no exceptions
  • no reason required.
  • no strings of any kind.


Now also consider...

  • The value of your own time. No trial-and-error for you. The time you'll save by using the Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief package is invaluable.
  • The cost is tax deductible.

What is the Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief worth to you?

More than it costs, guaranteed.
Click here and see.





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